Gatherings are meant to learn and explore who and what we are as a human being. They are meant to delve into how we are creating our lives, as it is my knowing that we are sovereign beings creating our own reality. These gatherings are a safe place to share openly and freely. My way of presenting is more of a facilitator of heart, as opposed to a talking-head where the audience just sits and listens. Yes, sitting and listening takes place but what I find most meaningful is when I am learning from you as much as you may be learning from me, for we are all masters.

Salmon Arm Gatherings - 2023

The Shuswap Family Centre
681 Marine Park Dr,
Salmon Arm, BC 7-8:30 pm

(by Donation)

Accepting Full Life Ownership (February 16)

If one desires to expand into the next realm of spiritual growth, accepting full life ownership is the next step. Doing so will help to release long held patterns of victim beliefs, where you step into the knowing that you are the creator of your life. This acceptance won’t be comfortable at times, but will unearth new dimensions of love.

Creating an Inspired life
(February 23)

Most of us have lead lives of happenstance, doing one thing or another without an understanding of our innate intuitive guidance. We often repeat the same relationships, jobs and other life experiences without truly listening to our hearts. We are always given guidance, always, toward our highest life fulfillment and good. The universe always has our back.

The Relationship Dance
(March 2)

Being in a relationship, whether with ones family, friends, husband/wife, partner, co-worker or other, is one of the most powerful ways to grow spiritually. The closer the relationship, the greater the lessons there are to be learned. Few situations in life can trigger one more easily than interacting with another human being. It’s so easy to blame another for intense feelings that arise, but seldom do we accept ownership for our part of the interaction.

My Path: 50 Years in the Making (March 9)

This is about my spiritual journey, a path that has certainly been lined with highs and lows, a path that has helped me grow into the knowing that I have today. I will be sharing how the programming of my past lives and youth has formed my life, and how I was able to transmute the experiences. No matter the hardship I’ve always gotten up, dusted my self off and continued on the knowing of my potential, the potential of a loving existence.